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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

Serial fiction

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A Love in the dark

(First part)

Isaan and Moyna had been living from their early years almost been glued to each other, and yet did not know each other.

They were born two years apart, she went to an all-girls school and he to an all-boys school separated by a wall, and it was so diverse the number of children who were on all sides of the wall making it difficult they knew each other, even being so close, when I say wall I mean that literally, since girl´s school was on top of the wall, and the wall was high about ten meters high, and the boy´s school was down the wall. They'd grow up on all sides without knowing each other.

Even had same friends but remained unknown.

Yunai´s sister, a friend of Isaan showed interest on Isaan. And as she was Moyna´s friend must have told her, but Moyna did not pay much attention to her. Isaan would be someone more in the darkness of Madrid of the seventies, nevertheless this should've been the first news of Isaan's existence for Moyna, but not the last.

In these circumstances could be said that Isaan and Moyna were living together, almost stuck but separated by a wall in the time, but almost stuck in the space, and is that two people can live almost stuck even to ten meters of distance and not seen each other.

The time is indispensable in order that two people just meet, if two people cross his eyes that means that they have met in the space and in the time.

The space though it´s of three dimensions can be simplified in one dimension, would therefore be two variables; space and time, that in case of Moyna and Isaan, in spite of being very nearby, It couldn´t do that theirs pupils were crossed.

The life in the school was arduous for both, since they were not knowing that society outside the wall of both schools was painful enough, nevertheless they had the habit of complaining.

The relationship of both with their classmates was unbeatable, but even so they were keeping a distance with them. They were intelligent, and the envy always exists, moreover they both wanted to go further that their fellow students, and indeed they got further.

Serial fiction A love in the dark

A Love in the dark